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How to use your Trackpad 

MS331 Virtual Quicktips #1 Trackpad

Arranging and Organizing Windows 

MS331 Virtual QuickTips #2

Keyboard Shortcuts 

MS331 Virtual Quicktips #3

Google Docs Tips and Tricks 

MS331 Virtual Quicktips #4

Google Meet For Students Tutorial

How to Take a Photo with a Chromebook

Getting on Zoom iPad

How to log in to zoom using your DOE account, please watch the video. This video will help access your zoom classes if you are using an iPad.  This process is the same for Chromebook, windows computer and other devices. 

MyOn Basics for Teachers

MyOn Tutorial for Students and Families

How to Use Breakout Rooms in Google Meet

How to download ZOOM on a Chromebook

How to Login to Zoom with your NYCDOE account

Sending an Email in Gmail

Chromebook Keyboard shortcuts

How To Share Your Screen in Zoom

Screen Sharing with Google Meet

How To Share Files and Folders In Google Drive

Saving Files on a Chromebook

Upload Chromebook camera pics to GClassroom

Close-Captions for Zoom

Zoom Studio Effects

How to log on into your DOE account. 

iPad - Side by side screen share with Zoom