Vision Statement

We believe we can create a high performing school, despite being in a high poverty neighborhood, which respects the families and traditions of our students. We believe we can demonstrate that in urban schools with students living in poverty areas, students are capable of rigorous thinking as evidenced in their discourse, problem-solving and decision-making and do not need to be controlled by low-level curriculum and instruction. We believe we can create a school with structures in place that demonstrate and teach students to value effort, choice and freedom, rather than embed an ideology of dependence and a fixed notion of intelligence. We believe we can create a school of young leaders who have the self-efficacy to recognize that they are in charge of their destiny and the willingness and ability to overcome injustices to realize their dreams. We believe we can create the conditions for students to recognize learning as an enjoyable experience and to feel empowered to improve their world.

Mission Statement

“Educating students to enjoy and improve the world.”

Instructional Focus

“Those doing the reading, writing, discussing and thinking are those doing the learning.”