8th Period Courses

Art History: Ms. Adams


Poetry: Ms. Belton

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Rosetta Stone :Mr. Bautista

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Art: Mrs. DiSalvatore 

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Dance: Mrs. Dobson 

Gender Roles in the Art of Dance

Documentary Film: Mr. Corbitt

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 Mighty Milers: Mr. Fernandez

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History of Sports: Ms.Fitzgerald
Jackie robinson collage

Strategy Board Games: Ms. Galeski
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African-American History: Ms. Griffin 

Famous African Americans

Wilson's Reading System: Ms. Kapasi

Choir :Ms. Omorebokhae (Ms.O)


Creative Writing: Mr. Palmisano

Creative Writing

ASL(American Sign Language) : Ms. Peters 

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7th Grade Honors Math: Mr. Sarli 

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Book Club: Ms.Schein
Book Club 2

Coding: Mr. Smith 

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Advanced ESL: Ms. Thomsen & Ms. Vega 

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Book Club: Mrs. Valera and class 678
 Number the Stars  by: Lois Lowry 
Class 678 is learning about perseverance, bravery, self-discipline,the Holocaust, and other things by reading this novel. 

Number the Stars | Main Photo (Cover)

6th Grade Honors Math: Mrs. Vicuna 
Math Clip Art
African Studies: Mr. Weiss 

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