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Mentoring in Medicine Students with Medical Mentors Dissecting Chicken Legs 
They were studying the muscular skeletal system on 2/6/17.

We would like to thank the following guests for attending this event: 
Chancellor of the Board of Regents: Dr. Betty Rosa
Regent: Dr. Lester Young
Regent Cotrellis,Founder and CEO of Mentoring in Medicine: 
Dr. Lynn Holden

Click on the following link to view a slideshow of this event: 

Global Partners Junior-Commissioner: Penny Abedywardena &
Representative: Nora Mahmoud speaking to 7B1 on 2/1/17

We would like to thank Commissioner Abedywardena & Representative Mahmoud for speaking to 7B1. 

7B1 Guest Speaker ‎(Commissioner Penny)‎